Regular Yoga

Enjoy a session of regular yoga where you can feel the ocean breeze and the lovely surrounding greens.

Fusion Yoga

A class where a mixture of different fitness activities, blends in with yoga and become one to help get the sweat in.

Infrared Healing Yoga

Whether its the spring or the winter, come enjoy a session heated with infrared radiant heat which improves circulation, and enhances oxygenation.

Family Yoga

Don't want to leave your loved ones at home. Family Yoga is the place to practice the poses and relax together with your dear families.

Prenatal Yoga

Feeling the aches and pains during your pregnancy? We are here to help, with experienced instructor, helping you ease the pain and have a enjoyable pregnancy.

Post - natal Yoga 

Healing and resting is important after pregnancy to get back into the perfect shape. Our instructors are skillful in helping mothers to recover and be like their top shape.