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Meet the Team

Who We Are

Jennifer Li

Head Yoga Instructor

Jennifer lives a life full of passion and curiosity, and Yoga plays an integral part of her life.

With the help of Yoga, she has endured a serious car accident which resulted in a coma for a month in 2004.


During these times her family played audio recordings of yoga breathing (or Pranayama) exercises that subconsciously guided her to take long, slow breaths. This amazing technique gradually brought her back to consciousness and woke her up from the coma.

Through the practice of Yoga, her body, mind, and spirit united to restore the balance. This miracle was what inspired Jennifer to become a Yoga Instructor.

Later in 2013, with the passing of Jennifer’s mother. In the last moments, her mother encouraged her to give her heart to help others in need, no matter what race they are. She heeded her mother’s words, and opened up Hariyall Yoga Institute. From that day onward, she is incredibly blessed and fulfilled to see students leave her classes with rejuvenated bodies and minds.

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(604) 727 - 8399

Instructor Bhapinder


Yoga Instructor

Bhapinder, have been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and has been inspired to continusly learn different techniques and methods of Yoga. With his soft hearted, passionate personality, he has been helping every student to enjoy and reach their full potiential. Throughout the years, Bhapinder have been practicing in, the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh where he consistently practice with Yoga instructors around the world while sharing his thoughts.  

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(604) 727 - 8399

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